Car Rent Information

vned_without_driverThe price of renting a car with a driver depends on the car model and the period for which you are ordering it. On average, the price is not much different from the taxi tariffs in the region, so renting a car with a driver a sensible solution.


For any business person, a car is a necessity, since the machine will maintain freedom of movement, not to be late for the meeting and dignified look in the eyes of partners. However, the status of the man and his success in business, is predetermined not only by car, but also its brand.


If your organization is “young” and still not firmly on its feet, to ensure maintenance of its fleet, offering to take advantage of the offer from the partners of the company «Corp Travel», which gives the possibility to rent any car of a representation class.


In addition, we recommend that you hire a car with driver, even better impact on your status, and will not be distracted by the congestion on the road and even to engage in important conversations or relax.


Renting a car with a driver you get:

  • Rent a car with a driver, on the recommendation of our company a reliable means to provide an accompanying person. Our partners responsible approach to recruitment, so all drivers – people with years of experience in this field. They protect the confidentiality of personal and business lives of their customers, they are considerate, terse and neat.
  • Picking up a rental car with a driver through our company, you can be sure that your software is now movement in safe and professional hands. Your safety on the road rising at times, and about the delay of business activities can not be considered.
  • As you can see, we are ready to personally solve the task on the transport of people and to provide for it in the car rental from Economy Class to the prestigious exclusive cars.

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