Bleisure May Be Key to Preserving Business Travelers’ Home Lives

The strain of the travel itself is not the only reason why employees find work trips stressful. It’s also the fact that, a lot of the time, travelers are leaving behind partners, friends, and children, and having to cancel important personal commitments. It means that, while business travel is likely to help one’s career, there’s a good chance it will make life more challenging outside of work.

Plus the trips are often so rushed that they have little time to enjoy the perks of business trips. One of the most exciting things about traveling is exploring a new destination, but that’s hard to do when trapped inside a conference room all day. One way employees are working around this problem is by extending their trips a few extra days and using those days just to relax, a practice otherwise known as bleisure.

It turns out that bleisure might actually have significant positive impacts on travelers’ home lives as well, according to new research from CWT. In fact, travelers who believed their employers were supportive of bleisure reported not only more positive experiences during work trips but also fewer disruptions to their personal lives, the report found.

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