Business Travelers Resist All-in-One Corporate Travel Platforms

A lot of great tools to book and expense corporate travel are already on the market and in common use. Now companies are trying to bring all these tools together on one platform, where travelers can book and change flights and hotels, order cars, track spending, and so on — all without leaving the app.

There are a few reasons why companies are pushing for an all-in-one platform, but a major one is that it saves them money long-term. While most companies have at least a partially integrated travel management platform, only a small percentage actually report using a truly all-in-one booking tool, according to a recent report by the Association of Corporate Travel Executives in collaboration with American Express Global Business Travel.

Bringing all the moving pieces together is complex, though. The most difficult part is getting the actual business travelers on board — they are often resistant to change if the new product isn’t markedly better than the first.

Bruno Murray, vice president at American Express GBT, talked to Skift about how travel buyers can make new travel platforms exciting for travelers and how he sees the industry evolving over the next several years.

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