Organization of corporate events

In charge of organizing a corporate? Reassign it to us!

Why you should make someone else’s work? Do you have a lot of free time? Commit to do the work to professionals. Trite, but true. They will do it quickly, efficiently and on time. Do not distract yourself from the core business.


The company “Corp Travel” specializes in complex organization and conduct of festive corporate events. Whether it’s the New Year corporate party or a large-scale celebration of the 10 year anniversary of the company, or even a modest check on the nature of the whole team, to temporarily escape from everyday worries.


The development activities of the program, creating a unique scenario, corporate holiday, all the work of the organization, invitation of artists, transfer, administration – all this is our job.

What do we offer?

Organization of New Year


New Year – the most favorite holiday. To this day the expression applies: “Prepare sledge in the summer …”. Each new year, we are preparing new and interesting scenarios, and each year we find something to surprise our loyal customers! New faces, new formats, new concepts, new mood in the New 2016 !!!

Birthday of your company


Jubilee of the company – it is a special day. Invited employees, strategic partners and best friends. Important every detail, from the atmosphere Welcome to the logical end of the event. We will create a corporate party concept that meets your requirements, and will direct energy companies Birthday Celebration in the right direction

Teambuilding and corporate holiday


Rest – this is the best engine of fruitful work. Properly organized corporate holiday able to rally even the most different in the spirit of the employees. And even the rope and barbecue in the correct dose can work wonders HR-management. Team building  – a valuable contribution to the development of social ties.

Professional holidays


The professional holiday this is a significant day. The road to professionalism is difficult and not everyone will take it to the end. So you can be proud of and the need to celebrate their professional day bright corporative. Builder’s Day, the day of the medical, the day oilman use the chance to celebrate their professional holiday.

The organization of presentations


Presentation – an event aimed at creating a positive image of your company, product or service in the eyes of customers, employees, partners, or the public. To achieve the goal, it is necessary to adhere to the highest standards of presentation. The Assembly will help you with both the development of the concept and the organization of the presentation itself.

Organizing and conducting of discoveries


Grand opening of new stores, supermarkets, sports centers, car dealerships and other commercial facilities – an important component of a successful business. You can just hang balloons and write banal “we opened.” And it is possible to turn the discovery into a bright event, which immediately attract customers and will be remembered for a long time in their memory.

It is also possible:

  • Transfer guests;
  • Rental restaurant
  • Organization of show programs with the involvement of actors;
  • Fireworks organization
  • And other


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