Birthday company


Every company has its own special day – a day of the Company.

It may just be a corporate holiday, and maybe the day of birth of the company, or even Anniversary! of the Day – the solemn event for large and for small businesses. After all, more and more companies, started small. And the day of the company, a good reason to think that it was what we were and what we have become. It is possible to sum up, to talk about the prospects. This is important for those who stood at the cradle of the Company, and for those who came to her recently.


A Jubilee of the Company – this is even more significant event. After all, what must be confessed, not many people manage to survive in the market for so long, to mark 10, 15, 20 years of existence.


Turning to the “Corp Travel” You can be absolutely sure that the birthday of your company will be held in a warm and friendly atmosphere, as if it was the birthday of the one you love. Company’s birthday rally team and vivid memories for a long time remain in the memory.


В зависимости от количества сотрудников, финансовых возможностей компании и пожеланий руководства и коллектива, есть очень много способов отпраздновать этот день.”>Depending on the number of employees, the company’s financial capabilities and desires of management and staff, there are many ways to celebrate this day.

Possible of the company's anniversary

2013-07-03_173508Company’s birthday may be noted differently. We can offer the most popular options for company anniversary, and absolutely exclusive scenarios for corporate birthday.


  • Classic birthdaya banquet or buffet with live entertainment, a leading, artists, music, disco
  • Jubilee outdoor company you can combine business with pleasure, organize active games with elements of team-building, engage in extreme sports, and end the day with a grand picnic or barbecue joint humble
  • Thematic corporate partya gangster party, space flight, adrenaline show. There are a variety of thematic programs, which are suitable for a corporate holiday. And even more, you can come up specifically for your event.
  • Role playing – this is an unusual, but very interesting and unconventional way to celebrate the birthday of small companies of 10-20 people. For example quest – “in search of pirate treasure.”
  • Corporate event in the office or at work – an economical option of the date of birth for small firms or firms with numerous personnel engaged in manufacturing.

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