The organization of presentations


We need to organize a presentation? Corp Travel will do it for you!


Every presentation has one single goal – the creation of a positive and a positive image. This may be the product image, product line, new services or the company itself. A positive image in the eyes of existing and prospective customers, partners and even employees remaining after qualitatively conducted and organized the presentation – the key to long-term commercial success.

As with any other corporate activities aimed at improving the image of the company, the organization of the presentation should adhere to the highest standards. What is important is not only the external effect. Important the concept of presentation, quality developed corporate event script. For the organization of the presentation will require technical support, the choice of venue for the presentation and content of the program of the event. Depending on the type of presentation, the program can only consist of work master, and can be turned into a colorful and memorable show.

Organizational support for the presentation:

  • Area selection, presentation the venue
  • Development of the original script events
  • The selection of presenter performers and support services
  • Organization banquets, catering services
  •  Registration the venue for with balloons, flowers and other decorative

Technical support for presentations


  • Sound equipment
  • Lighting equipment
  • Video projection system,
  • Stage design, stands for speakers
  • Fireworks, air guns and other equipment to show elements of the program
  • Professional photo and video shooting

Information support

  • printing banners exclusively designed invitations and other printed products
  • production of a video presentation / presentation and related materials

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