Teambuilding and corporate holiday


Enough to sit at in the office – we will help you relax!

In our country, many confuse corporate team building with a simple holiday in the nature or a corporate holiday. But this is not the same thing. For corporate events and leisure include banquets, trips to the ships or simply leaving a barbecue.


However, when conducting such activities may lose important psychological component essential for team building, if you do not think about the proper organization of the event.


What remains in the memory of people after corporate celebrations? Remembering the good food and the holiday program or the people around them at the moment? About how well they rest?


It certainly vazhno.No as important memories of your own colleagues with whom they work every day. To beginners do not feel “at ease”, and the staff with the experience, got acquainted with those who came not long ago.


The task team building – to form a team of professionals, and create a team spirit of the people are willing to not just work, but to create for the benefit and development of the mother company. And to create a single coherent body.

Corporate leisure and teambuilding

2013-07-03_170928Corp Travel offers:
  • The development plan for teambuilding. Development and implementation scenarios for team games, conducting active games and competitions.
  • Search and provide a platform for the organization of corporate events in nature;
  • Transport services (rent of buses and minibuses);
  • Outside catering – the organization of banquet, buffet or picnic for the participants.
  • Photo and video, as well as musical accompaniment during the whole period of the teambuilding.

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