Organization of exhibitions

Corp Travel - exercise - design, construction and design of exhibition stands. In our company you can buy a modern stand, or order its production. You can also buy inexpensive and mobile exhibition stand.



Participation in the exhibitionit is investing in the company’s image and customer base. As is known, the main task of the exhibition poster – draw the attention of visitors and therefore potential customers. Stand Solution should be bright and original to really attract the attention of visitors of the exhibition event.


Exhibition stand a tool designed to address the serious marketing problems, and therefore to its design and development must be approached, employing only real experts. Creating a truly functional, attractive and affordable exhibition stands – it’s hard work, comparable with art.


Because of how well the company will reveal itself at professional exhibitions, as its attractive exposure may depend on its further development and professional success.  Exhibition stand design plays a very important role in the successful participation in the exhibition. That is why we carefully approach to each project, strongly highlighting the exhibition stand of the customer against its competitors.


Given the nature of the specialization of the customer, as well as building on its image and corporate identity, our employees develop the design of the stand with a strictly individual approach. Stands created by us –  conscientiously and reliably engineered structures built from high quality materials.


The work of our company from the beginning built on several basic criteria:

  • The selection of the optimal configuration of the stand to the client;
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • Compliance with agreements on the delivery and assembly of exhibition equipment;
  • The optimal timing of execution of works on the design and construction of exhibition stands;
  • Control the quality of all work performed.

Also we provide services:

  • Rent space at the exhibition installation
  • Production of the exhibition stand
  • Production of promotional products
  • organization of coffee breaks
  • and many other features
  • Hotel reservations for personnel participating in the exhibition
  • transfer / car rental with an English speaking driver
  • to book air tickets for staff involved in the exhibition
  • Organization lounge area for relaxing

Exhibition catalog


Nowadays the exhibition catalog are paying enough attention, this indicates an increase in the level of exhibition culture and quality of service. After all, in fact, a catalog – the exhibition is a mirror, giving to understand the level of the event.


Information about your company in the exhibition catalog gives us additional marketing opportunities to attract customers. By posting information about them, the company makes it clear that it is a serious player in this market, and is doing everything to be open and accessible for customers. Many foreign companies are looking for partners in the domestic market for the exhibition catalog.


They trust this information, considering that firms which post information about themselves and participate in the exhibitions, there are companies that are looking for ways to grow your business. In the catalog usually indicate a small prehistory exhibition, giving information on how many times it was carried out, what its area, while paying special attention to the participants.


In some exhibition catalogs, you can find analytical articles on a specific industry, or other exclusive information, extending the life of the catalog. Have the layout of exposure, it says that the organizers take care about the convenience of visitors. High-quality exhibition catalog necessarily structured, it contains sections of industry.


All participants are placed in alphabetical order, as well as in accordance with its activity in the right section. This makes it possible to quickly find the desired company, as well as to understand the breadth of coverage of the exhibition and get an idea of how much industry is available, how many companies will participate, will be present market leaders.


Tested and approved information should be sent for placement in the catalog of the exhibition organizer well before it started because a catalog on paper begins to be printed in advance. And if you later applied to participate in the exhibition as an exhibitor, there is a risk not to see your company among the exhibitors in the catalog.

Exhibit space


The rented exhibition area can be equipped or unequipped. Equipped exhibition area corresponds to the standard exhibition stand. Renting an area equipped with a certain square footage, the company-participant will receive the exhibition stand of the appropriate size, typical for this exhibition, which includes, as a rule, flooring, wall panels, fascia with company name, electricity and a minimum set of furniture.


Indoor space is a space that you can build on your own, offering your own design or order it from us. In this case, the company – the developer must undergo mandatory accreditation in the venue, which is dictated by measures of public safety. Installation of stands begins, as a rule, for one – two days before the exhibition and dismantling is carried out on the last day of the exhibition after its closure, and the next day.


In addition, the exhibition area is divided into closed (ie, the area in the pavilion) or open (the area outside the pavilion). Pavilion – a covered structure, at the time of the exhibition area of the pavilion is rented to participants of the exhibition event. Outdoor exhibition space – space only on the street directly in the exhibition hall, rent parties during the exhibition.


Typically, the open area is available for demonstration of very large exhibits, for example, road construction equipment. Exhibition stands come in various types:

  • Linear Stand – Stand on one side of the facade and the outlet only one pass (3 walls).
  • Angled booth – booth with two open sides, so this stand has only two walls and at the same time it is provided with two fascia board. Stand with two open sides has access to two passages.
  • Stand “peninsula” – stands open on three sides. Stand “island” – stand, open on all sides, it has no walls and fascia board. (Exhibition area of land only with carpeted floors and a wall outlet).
  • Exclusive exhibition stand – the stand, designed and manufactured according to individual specifications and wishes of the company party.

The company “Corp Travel” provides transportation services to participants of the international specialized exhibitions.

We will order for you transportation services in almost any city in the world, and after passing through passport control and baggage claim you will be met at the airport to take you to the hotel, and at the end of a trip in time and comfortably taken to the airport


If you have difficulty with foreign languages, you will have an English speaking guide. We offer different types of transport, from buses for larger groups up to high-class cars for VIP – clients. If the hotel is not located close to the exhibition center and public transport you are not satisfied, we will order a daily shuttle service to the exhibition and back.


Since you will be working with upscale drivers and, if necessary English speaking accompanying. The person responsible for the way to be organized, carried out and completed participation in the exhibition, no special maintenance is required. From that, how well it will demonstrate the benefits of your company depends on its success in the market – in fact the main purpose of participation in the exhibition is a search for new partners and customers.


Therefore, the responsibility for the success of employee participation in the exhibition is due to arrive at the exhibition in a good mood and the waking state. If it is to worry about, so as not to miss the show, while the whole trip in a stuffy and close the general bus, the effectiveness of negotiations at the exhibition greatly reduced – a tired man difficult to carry out their duties.


We will pick up the car and support staff according to your individual requirements, so that the ride was more comfortable. Experienced drivers will help you make the most rational form itinerary. This service is becoming more and more popular every year. The question of personal transport is always particularly acute. Availability of transport gives a feeling of confidence and comfort.

In order to make business travel as comfortable as possible, the company “Corp Travel” offers its services for booking and purchase of railway and air tickets.


We can not only learn about the events that occur abroad or in their home country at a certain time, but also to carry out the order and issue of air tickets on the basis of individual wishes. This is very convenient in the event when several representatives and a delegation are sent from the company.

You can always Book or Cancel at any time. In addition, you can book your flights by multichannel phone. And if you have questions, our consultants will help you. Booking and ticketing in our company is very simple. If you know the exact travel time, airline and flight number, we will only ask for a name to order tickets.


Our main goal – that you just could not buy air tickets cheap, but also spent a minimum of time. We will help you buy cheap air tickets to all destinations, which presents a selection of the best-known airlines in the world. We cooperate directly with carriers, who carry out international flights, and therefore offer a minimum price of a ticket.


If you do not know exactly the best way to fly, we will pick the best option for you to trip according to your wishes, either the most economical or most convenient time. If you prefer to fly a particular airline or use a particular airport, we’ll take into consideration, and these are your preferences.


We will book your ticket, and for making this, it will be enough to provide the first page of the passport or even passport details. To book tickets we do not require the original of your passport.
Everyone loves to travel, lots of people travel on business, and nobody wants to pay extra money.


Every day thousands of people buy their tickets from home, office, or already traveling the world. Our company will help make your trip or your business trip easier, more convenient and economical. In general, “Corp Travel” – the organization in the various senses of the word. It embodies the customer plans into reality.

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